Thank you

We have designed this website due to the desire to encourage and raise awareness for the “green way” of life.
The Planet does not need magic sticks to stay incredible, breath taking and magical, it only needs us!
Every person is important for the Planet and each has an enormous power in his or her hands to contribute to a better quality of life,
for today and tomorrow.
With small changes, we can make big differences.

Thank you for your care!

I Promise I Will Take Care Of You


help save water and don’t leave water running,

bike and walk more, drive less,

reduce and reuse,

make home more energy efficient (and save money),

turn off lights when I am not in the room,

shop wisely and buy less plastic,

use reusable shopping bag,

buy less clothes,

plant a tree,

choose non-toxic chemicals,

switch to cloth napkins and towels,

don’t buy bottled water,

don’t litter,

keep neighborhood clean,

recycle cans, bottles, glass, paper, cardboard, food, metal, batteries,

use both sides of paper at school and at home,
compost leftover food,

pay bills online,

water houseplants and garden with rainwater,

use a menstrual cup for monthly cycles,

don’t put hot food in the fridge,

use public transportation,

buy organic and local,

reduce waste and buy only what I need,

use degradable dog bags,

encourage family and friends to ‘go green’,…

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